広瀬朝子1st Album

「That's How I am」





1 Sometimes I'm Happy
2 You Are My Sunshine
3 My Foolish Heart
4 I Will Wait for You
5 Don't Explain
6 Night and Day
7 Exactly Like You
8 My Funny Valentine
9 Sometimes I'm Happy
  ~in My First Language~


Asako Hirose:  Vocal
Tivon Pennicott:  Tenor Saxophone
Ben Paterson:  Organ and Piano (Track1,6,7,8,9)
Michael King:  Rhodes Piano and Piano (Track2,3,4)
Darrian Douglas:  Drums (Track1,6,7,9)
Kyle Poole:  Drums (Track2,3,4)


Nori Naraoka: Bass & Producer